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About TCTS

The Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS) began operations to provide alternative transportation services to the Annapolis County residents in 1999 with a paid Executive Director (ED), a paid dispatch person, and 8 volunteer drivers. It was governed by a Policy board with the ED reporting to the board on a monthly basis.

In June 2004, TCTS faced an economic crisis that almost resulted in a closure of its services. The response to this crisis was to eliminate the ED position and to make the Board a "working board" responsible for the day-to-day operations, fundraising, and providing direction. New board members were acquired who were able to provide the expertise necessary for these functions.

At that time, TCTS was operating with two old accessible vehicles that required heavy maintenance and were not efficient in delivering the service. A new car was acquired for those members who did not require accessibility and passenger drives were combined whenever possible. Dispatch staff was very effective in coordinating drives for maximum efficiency.

These measures allowed TCTS to continue successfully in its growth and we now serve the residents of Annapolis County and Western Kings County, from the Digby County line to the Aylesford area. In 2006 the Board became, once again, a policy board receiving and analyzing monthly financial and management reports from the GM and the Treasurer.

TCTS has become the main service provider for alternative transportation in our community. We partner with many organisations to deliver medical and social transportation including the Medical Shuttle service to Halifax and other hospitals (sponsored and supported by Annapolis West Health Foundation, Bridgetown Pharmasave, Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation), the VON Senior Day Care Program, the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board for students with special requirements, and the various senior care facilities as well as individual transportation needs.

At the present time, TCTS provides its transportation services utilizing paid drivers and a fleet of 12 vehicles:

  • 21 passenger, 2 Wheelchair accessible Low-Floor Bus
  • 14 passenger, 2 Wheelchair accessible mini bus
  • 13 passenger, 2 Wheelchair accessible mini bus
  • 11 passenger, 1 Wheelchair accessible Low-Floor mini bus
  • 6 passenger, 2 Wheelchair accessible Low-Floor mini-van
  • 6 passenger, 2 Wheelchair accessible Low-Floor mini-van
  • Two wheelchair accessible mini-vans (side & rear entry)
  • Four mini-vans



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TCTS is supported by:

  • The Province of Nova Scotia
  • Municipality of the County of Annapolis
  • Municipality of the County of Kings
  • Town of Middleton
  • Contact us at (902) 665-1212