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TCTS testimonials

Thank you

Thank you to the drivers of TCTS for their thoughtfulness, kindness, respect and helpfulness in transporting me to my appointments. I find it very joyful to ride with them and their vans and buses are neat, clean and tidy.
I would choose no other but them.


Juanita Pierce, Kingston, NS

Wonderful drivers

I had a wonderful trip with your driver when I went to Kentville. Good conversation and good driver, I will certainly use again we needed"


Mary MacMillan, Cornwallis, NS



Thank you for all you do for Doreen.
We appreciate all your efforts"


Cheryl Gaul

Worth every penny

I am writing in support of the Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS). I am a TCTS member.  This is a very important part of the community and the surrounding areas.  I know that this has helped me out a lot.  I do not drive, and before this started, I had no way of getting to appointments or to errands that had to be done during the day.  The fee that is paid by each person, using this is worth every penny.  I am very grateful for this service and I hope that the funding can be found for this valuable asset for everyone concerned."

Kathy Cross



Truly needed

I am writing this letter to especially bring to your attention, the importance of the Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS) service.

This is a valuable service and so greatly needed.  I am a senior citizen, disabled too, and I use it regularly.  I do not know how I could manage without it.  It gives me independence which I value highly.  I know a great many people who use this service, are of the same opinion - that it is a very essential service which we depend upon and is truly indispensable.

With our aging population, the need for this service continues to grow.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated volunteer drivers.  They are truly great people who devote so much of their spare time to this vital service.  The drivers are so kind and caring in getting their clients to their appointments safely and on time.

In closing I want to emphasize that TCTS is truly needed and I hope and pray it is continued."

Vivian Lightfoot
, Middleton, NS


A Good Experience with TCTS

My husband has been attending the Adult Day Program in Middleton twice a week for about three years. Although I could drive him, it is a huge help to me that he travels with TCTS. He enjoys the ride and always tells me about it when he comes home. The cost is very reasonable and the service is wonderful -- the drivers are always on time, cheerful and helpful, and they are very competent, too. As his caregiver, I truly appreciate that this excellent service is available."

Maggie Rice
, Bridgetown, NS


Indispensable community service

Concerning the Trans County Transportation Society and the need to have this indispensable community service continue to enrich the quality of life, for so many folks, in this rural area.

Without TCTS (door to door) transportation service, there would be those of us who would find it impossible to fulfill the requirements of our daily lives.

Your service fills a void in transportation for Annapolis County which transit service cannot provide and therefore, is not an option for me.  I consider that there is a safety factor involved for those who are ambulatory (like myself) but perhaps are not physically fit/fast enough to catch a transit bus and upon arrival at a bus stop, to find ourselves distanced from our destination.

Also, in a sense, alternative transportation might be considered to be an extension of the healthcare system (providing a vital service to them) by delivering patients to health centers, hospitals, doctors offices, and physiotherapy, all of which are scattered geographically, in our rural areas.  It gets us where we have to go.  Because this service is available, it encourages volunteerism, with kind deeds which heighten community spirit.

Your volunteers are very special people and we should show our gratitude by encouraging them to continue in their mission.  Please add my name to the many others, who support this worthy project."

Name withheld